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Cummings & Cioch Home Inspection is a professional property inspection service that performs residential, commercial, pre-sale, pre-purchase, new construction and multi-unit housing inspections.  We work for you.  We'll represent your best interests before, during, and after the inspection because we have no vested interest in the sale.  Our independence will provide you with the accurate and detailed information you need regarding the condition of the property.

Many home inspectors get the majority of their clients from realtor referrals.  In too many cases, it seems like they work for them instead of you.  Most inspectors and agents are fair and honest, but some inspectors may be tempted to cut corners to avoid losing a realtor's referral and some realtors may be tempted to encourage a "soft" inspection by threatening to stop giving referrals to inspectors they see as "deal killers."  You do not have to use the inspector that your realtor recommended.  While Cummings & Cioch gratefully accepts referrals from highly ethical realtors who want their clients to have the best representation possible, we do not solicit, and do not depend, on realtor referrals.

We do not give our clients hastily prepared on-site inspection reports that contain checklists or fill in the blanks. . .  instead, our narrative report will provide you with the facts needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the purchase of real estate.
We look forward to working for you!

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